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New Forest Walks

Rhinefield self catering holiday lets are ideally situated in the heart of the New Forest for those who enjoy walking, cycling, or riding. Look out for the deer and New Forest ponies as you wander through the trees or drive to the surrounding villages.

Rhinefield Ornamental Drive

This is a close and easy way to enjoy nature without going very far from the hotel itself. It is perfect if you do not have a lot of time or just want a little walk.


This circular walk is approximately 3 miles and takes between 1 hour and 1 and a half hours. Toilets are available at the car park.


Simply walk to the end of our driveway and go straight ahead (this is actually the Rhinefield Ornamental Drive) until you reach the Blackwater car park. Then you have two options: you can continue through the car park to the footpath of the Trail or you can turn to the left into the Arboretum Park.

Interesting for:

Along the driveway you can enjoy the view of the Redwoods (some of them over 150 years old) and also the Rhododendrons between the end of April and the early part of May.

Rhinefield to Bolderwood (Deer Sanctuary)

This is possible as a longer route (if you start at the hotel) or as a short one if you decide to drive straight to the Bolderwood car park.


If you decide to walk all the way from the hotel, it will take a good 3 hours to complete the circular walk (plus the time you stay in Bolderwood). If you drive to the car park, then you can follow a couple of easy routes that will take between 30 and 45 minutes.


From the hotel (either driving or walking) you should continue straight from our driveway, following the Rhinefield Ornamental Drive. Follow the road until you reach the A35 crossroad (be careful if you are walking, it is a very busy road at peak times). Go straight across and, after approximately 3 miles (about 15 minutes if you drive, a bit more than an hour if you walk), you will reach the Bolderwood enclosure (the car park is on the right hand side).

Once in Bolderwood, you can admire the deer from the viewing platforms just in front of the car park, or you can try a couple of trails.

Jubilee Grove Trail

Approximately 1 mile long, follow the green trail from the Bolderwood car park.

Radnor Trail:

It is approximately 2 mile long (about a 45 minutes walk), following the red trail from the Bolderwood car park.

Interesting for:

Obviously the main attraction is the possibility of watching the deer at close range. The problem is that this is a question of pure chance, but certainly the best time to try is their feeding time, every day at 2:00 pm.

Also you can admire on the way some really ancient trees (some of which date back to 1860) and there are several picnic benches en-route.

Rhinefield to Brockenhurst

This walk will take you to the nearest village from the hotel, where you can shop in the local stores or just have something to eat or drink in one of the pubs...


A circular walk is approximately 6 miles and it takes about 2 hours to complete (excluding, obviously, the time you decide to spend in the village). Toilets are available at the Whitefield Moor car park, as is an ice cream van during the summer months.


After leaving the hotel driveway, turn right. Just continue walking for about 3 miles, walking on the moor if you prefer. You will pass the Whitefield Moor car park, as well as the Forest Park Hotel (on your right hand side). Once in Brockenhurst, just turn left over the Watersplash: the road in front of you is Brookley Road, the main street of the village, with local shops and numerous tea rooms and restaurants.

Rhinefield to Lyndhurst

This walk is appropriate for those of you who want to "explore" the forest. It requires some orientation, but is not difficult. You can also make a stop at the Oak Inn pub for refreshment...


A circular walk of about 7 miles taking approximately 2 and a half hours to complete.


After leaving the hotel driveway, walk straight up the Rhinefield Ornamental Drive until you reach the Blackwater car park. Follow the path that is near the public toilets into the Forest. At the first crossroads, continue straight on until you reach an enclosure (on your left) with a small tower used by the foresters, as it is a good place to watch the deer (especially at sunrise and just before sunset). Leaving the enclosure on your left and following the path straight ahead, you will soon reach another crossroads, with directions to Brockenhurst and Lyndhurst. Continue in the direction of Lyndhurst until you reach a gate, which marks the end of the forest enclosure. You then have two options: left will bring you to Bank, with The Oak Inn pub and, ultimately, the A35 or continuing right will take you to Lyndhurst in about 1 mile.

Interesting for:

It is a very good way to really see and enjoy the forest, and to spend some hours in Lyndhurst, where there are pleasant tea rooms and cafés (The Mad Hatter, Le Café Parisien and many more) and even a Ferrari garage!

Please Note: That all of these walks are just a guide and we recommend that you take a map with you.

For more details contact us at Rhinefield Road, Brockenhurst; Hampshire SO42 7QB